Belated Happy Birthday Message

belated happy birthday image

Forgive me for missing your birthday. Life gets hectic sometimes, but there’s always time to recognize the people who are special to us.

I heard you just had a birthday. Hope it was incredible. Please accept my sincere late birthday wishes.

Just because this birthday wish is late, doesn’t mean you aren’t special to me. Hope your big day was wonderful.

Belated birthday wishes. I hope your big day was as amazing as you are.

How could I forget your birthday? Must be because you look like you haven’t aged a day since the last one!

You forgot to remind me not to forget your birthday. But don’t worry, I forgive you. But seriously, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to someone who is truly unforgettable. Unfortunately, your birthday is forgettable, which is proven by the fact that I forgot it. Sorry!

Sweetheart, I am extremely sorry that I forget such a significant day of your life. I am ready for all kinds of punishments. Before that, accept my heartfelt belated birthday wishes.

You didn’t hear from me on your birthday due to a technical problem. My brain malfunctioned. Happy Birthday – hope it was great!

I have learned two things: be first or be last. Since I couldn’t be the first one, I am choosing to be the last to wish you an exuberant belated happy birthday. I hope you had an unforgettable birthday celebration.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by people who didn’t forget it. Sorry I missed your big day!

I don’t have the right words to say sorry because I missed sending birthday wishes to my best friend. Sorry, I missed your birthday and best belated birthday wishes to you!

I forget to wish you a happy birthday, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. Sending best late birthday wishes and blessings to my love!

It doesn’t matter whether birthday wishes are early or late. In my opinion, they are good at any given date. Belated happy birthday!

Wishing you the best of life and good health always! Belated happy birthday.

I may forgotten your birthday, but I swear you are special to me. Happy Birthday to the most talented person in the group.

Although my wishes turned up let, I hope your birthday turned out great ! Belated happy Birthday

I know I missed your birthday and I’m really sorry… By chance is there any cake left?? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY