Birthday wishes for kids

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girls! May your whole life be filled with countless blessing and true happiness

Childrens are very excited for their birthday! Every kid love celebrations, parties, gifts and so on. Let’s wish them in a beautiful way. Here are some collection of birthday quotes to wish lovely kids.

No matter what goals you will try to achieve in your life, I am sure that you will be number one! Happy Birthday Dear

Today is a real celebration for you, sweet girl. Today is your so awaited birthday and I need to make this day special. Special girl – special gifts, easy. Love you, darling, and wish you all the best.

Happy birthday to my little Barbie! You look so amazing today and there’s no doubt you’ll steal the show. But, it’s your show, your celebration, so don’t be shy! Love you, my beautiful girl.

Today I am the happiest, because your birthday has come! It seems as if you were just born yesterday. Time passes relentlessly fast. Baby, the joy for me is your sincere smile. Do it more often and please do not let your parents down, because you are their hope and faith.

I wish you a sea of good luck and an ocean of happiness, sunny smiles and happy days, only good mood and the same friends. May all roads lead to success, and dreams come true instantly.

Incredibly, one little person can bring so much joy. You are like a ray of light, stay that way forever! Happy birthday, darling!

Happy birthday to you, sweet little angel. May your life always be filled with fun, delight and magical moments!

I wish your joy to be exactly as much as love in the eyes of your mother and pride in the heart of your father.

I wish you many gifts, toys and miracles. Let the whole world hear that a real angel lives on this earth. Happy birthday, baby!

Enjoy your special day, sweetheart! We wish you a lifetime supply of boundless happiness, love and joy.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl ! May your whole life be filled with countless blessing and true happiness!

May your birthday be filled with the kind of wonderful excitement receiving gifts wrapped in ribbons and curls brings. Happy B’Day!

A princess is what you are to me. So, I’ll treat you like a princess on your birthday and every day.

Happy Birthday to a delightful little girl,Have an amazing day full of fun!

Precious little girls deserve amazing birthdays, Hope you have the most awesome birthday ever! The Happiest Birthday to You!!!

I hope happiness and blessings will follow you every step of the way. Happy Birthday!

My little girl, you are a beautiful reminder for us that life is full of pure joy and blissful moments!